Friday, July 22, 2011

the beginning of a love story.

I met Gannon last summer at the end of June.  He had just gotten home from serving his mission in the Dominican Republic and was still slightly scared of girls :)  I invited my guy friend to bring some friends with him and come swimming at my place with me and my girlfriends.  Little did I know that I would meet my husband that night.  

The night started off like all other nights...I was running late.  I went to the nail salon to get my nails painted neon pink "to make me look tanner" before my upcoming weekend trip to San Diego.  I know, very me :) And of course it took too long, so after speeding home I found my guy friend and his buddies waiting at my front door.  Opps.  The first words Gannon ever heard out of my mouth were, "Sorry I'm late!".  Unfortunately, he still hears those words all too often!  

After chatting a bit I offered the boys something to eat or drink, you know, trying to be a good hostess (not my greatest strength).  So I made them sandwiches (first and last time Gannon has ever turned down my food, smart boy).  After lots of swimming the boys left, but not before I had the chance to catch his name, since I didn't understand it the first three times he said it.  To clear up confusion he stated, "Gannon, like cannon with a "g").  I am not sure what was more attractive, hearing him speak Espanol or his EXTREMELY large frame (think harmless polar bear).  

As my friend and I walked back to our front door she said, "So Gannon is pretty cute." And I replied, "Yep! Dibbs!" (Urban Dictionary: "Dibbs") Let's just say, she wasn't too happy.  Just in case anyone is curious, she's fine now :)

Now I get to call "dibbs" on him forever. 

For the rest of the summer, we ran into each other randomly at parties and YSA activities (Oh the joys of being a young single adult in the Mormon world haha).  And this is where our stories differ.  I ALWAYS tried to flirt with him, but he says he was ALWAYS the first one to start the conversation.  Obviously, everyone knows the truth.  I am probably the most bold, outgoing, flirtatious person you will ever meet.  Gannon is much more refined :) Once school started we saw each other at the Institute at ASU almost everyday.  LOTS of flirting occurred.  I knew there was hope when Gannon heard me sing Karaoke at some bar for my friend's birthday (see our first picture above) and he still stuck around.  I sang butchered "Barbie Girl" by Aqua (don't pretend you aren't humming it in your head right now).  

At some point, we kissed (amazing), we took a trip to Utah (amazing-er)(see pretty picture below), we fell in L.O.V.E (amazing-est), and finally we admitted to each other, after much delay, that we wanted to be together...for forever (amazing-est-est)